Why Walls?

No need to block any of your views. With our Harmonica doors we can convert the whole back of your house into a thing of beauty. With many options in materials from Eucalyptus To Mahogany or just a simple Aluminum, our products are sure to wow the greatest of architects. 


Transitional Architecture

Rather then erase our history we suggest you embrace our history. With todays trend in transitional architecture you now have the opportunity to see traditional building styles making the shift towards more modern features.  Pozbud USA is on the cutting edge of this shift. We have the ability to recreate historic windows and doors using todays technology and standards while seamlessly merging modern accents into the design. 


Celebrate the view

Here at Pozbud USA we believe in celebrating the view.  Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary at the same price point. We work directly with the manufacturer in order to get you the best for less. contact us for any questions you may have on how to bring your home to the next level. 


Outside The Box

We have all heard it many times that we need to think outside the box, well......

How about bringing what is outside the box into the box for everyone to enjoy?  Pozbud USA is doing just that. Sometimes the best view is hiding behind a corner. Not anymore, problem solved.  When working with architects one must understand their options. Don't let your architects make all of your decisions, they are there to make your dreams come to fruition. Keep an open mind and know your options. In many cases Pozbud USA can deliver much larger glass at the same price as our mass produced competitors smaller windows. Reach out for a consult so you can be in the know of what your options really are. Think about what is outside the box.


Passive House

Here at Pozbud USA we believe in going green. Our products have been tested to meet the most rigorous of tests. By utilizing our windows and doors you are not only saving the planet but saving money in the process.  For years builders have only concentrated on the budget. Now Pozbud USA can match that budget while creating a more efficient home all at the same time. So next time you buy or build, make sure your home is working for you, not the other way around.