Pozbud recreates the Micro Home

With this big push towards little homes, Pozbud USA has decided to throw its hat in the ring. The reason for these homes are for saving money. What if I told you that you could save money while living in a cutting edge home. Introducing the Pozbud Micro Home. Pushing efficiency to the limit while maintaining modern style. All products used in this build are inspired by going green. Choose the finish you are looking for be it tile, wood, its up to you. All while “Celebrating the View”. Below is a raw version of one of these homes. Everything you need in a few hundred square feet. Want some info? Contact us at info@pozbudusa.com



Understanding Efficiency and Pozbud USA

Reason number 99 for using our products. Below is what the industry considers to be good efficiency ratings. At Pozbud USA we laugh at these numbers. Pozbud Windows begin at .23 and go as low as .09. So now that you understand efficiency in windows and doors make sure you use the best. Let us save you money while celebrating the view. Email us for a consultation info@pozbudusa.com



Inspired Elegance

Creating your dream space should not be rushed. Utilize your architects and designers to ensure everything comes out exactly as you envisioned it. With Pozbud USA you can have it any way you want, we manufacture to you. Size is no longer a road block. Celebrate the view with massive panels of glass. Contact us at info@Pozbudusa.com


Elevating Commercial Construction

Welcome to the new age of commercial construction. Everyone knows a beautiful view can assist in maintaining a calm experience in the workplace. With Pozbud USA you can now achieve just that. Let us show you how you can take your next design/project to new heights. With prices that fall right into your budget we are taking over the industry while delivering the highest end products not just in the United States but also the world. Reach out for a consult at info@pozbudusa.com


New Age with an Old Feel

With the new construction boom in full swing Pozbud USA is excited to be part of the new school style of architecture. Architects are embracing their past while incorporating todays technology and style. Pozbud has the capability of producing almost anything in glass with super high end craftsmanship. This means no more settling for the same old 1950’s style windows and doors. We invite architects to finally get outside the box. If you can visualize it, we can make it. Let Pozbud be a part of your evolution in architecture.


Pozbud, its where the views are

Do you have a view you wish to celebrate. Then Pozbud USA has the products for you. With choices from aluminum to numerous types of wood let us open up you views. We specialize in the largest format glass around the world. There really is no comparison. Let us show you what options are available to you before you settle on your typical glass company. There are more options then you may have ever known. Add on our amazing prices and you are good to go. Let us help you see clearly.


Doors for days

Searching for the perfect door for your home can be such a chore. Do you want wood, and if so what type of wood? Do I want metal? What type of metal works best for my project? And we haven't even gotten to the hardware. At Pozbud USA we have seen it all and our specialists can help you pick the perfect doors for the inside as well as the outside of your home, right down to the hardware. Even if you want your own original door that no one else has we have got you covered. With superior Polish craftsmanship and German engineered hardware Pozbud USA is always at the cutting edge of what's new. Contact us so we can share what most U.S. companies haven't even heard of yet.