Company History


The company dates back to 1973 when Ryszard Andrzejak started the small business. With the economic conditions of the time, this proved to be no easy task. Honest work and adhering to standards of the highest quality allowed the stable growth of the company in its primary area, joinery or the joining of the wooden components of a building.  This foundation has allowed the business to evolve into its present form.  The tradition of quality, family experience and professional guidelines are still of great importance to this day.


Investments and company development

Years of experience ensured the title of a high quality joinery manufacturer. Improvements in manufacturing quality paired with the implementation of state of the art technologies positioned PozBud as a leader in the window production industry throughout Europe.

A dynamic development happened between 2008-2011 with the procurement of the Weinig UV MATIC production line. It is the first line of its type in Poland and one of ten in Europe. It allows simultaneous production of six different types of window profiles with almost complete automation, high precision and efficiency.

In 2011, at our Słonawy plant, a production line for interior doors of various types was commissioned. As a result, we expanded our product portfolio and created a new brand - Castello.

Between 2011-2013 other investments were introduced. First, we built a 75,000 square foot production facility in Grzywna, Poland with a state of the art line for production of wooden panel floors. Second,a 4300 square foot award winning showroom was opened in Toruń, Poland which caters to local clients and is a main export for PozBud windows and doors.

In 2013 the company's headquarters was moved to a new office at ul. Bukowska in Wysogotowo.

Finally, in 2015 new production lines for painting, fitting and glazing were launched. As a result, we have become the most modern producer of wooden door and window joinery in Poland and have come to the forefront of Europe as a leader in this industry.

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One of the pillars of success of the company is continuously striving for the highest quality of our products. We achieve this thanks to the passion, commitment and state-of-the-art production technology. The combination of automated processes and work of experienced staff allows us to implement even the most complex projects of windows and doors in a very short time with the utmost standard.

Designers, Creators and Builders for over 20 years. 




William Ostrander

Partner, Sales

Steven Pacholyk  Partner, Design

Steven Pacholyk

Partner, Design

For over 20 years, William Ostrander and Steven Pacholyk with our team of designers, artisans, and craftsmen have been building, renovating and installing outdoor environments and interior designs.  Our intense focus on quality and arrangement have made us the sought after company by those in the know in Fairfield County, Connecticut and The Hamptons, New York.  

From blueprint to build, we craft and create special projects both large and small. We assemble our team of seasoned craftsman to work under our watchful supervision on a budget that is mindful and appropriate.